How to Install Windows 10 Developer Preview

How to Install Windows 10 Developer Preview – The pre-release version of Windows 10 is currently available and you can Download and install Windows 10 Developer Preview in your computer. This article will guide you step by step to install Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft released this developer preview version to identify and sort out bugs. If you are adventurous enough then you can easily get Windows 10 experience before most of the world. Microsoft has planned to release windows 10 publicly somewhere in mid 2015. Before getting into the installation procedure you need to know some facts.

  • Windows 10 Developer preview is free to install and use up to March 2015
  • You need to be a part of Microsoft insider program to download and install windows 10
  • Microsoft will collect information about how you use the system (sometimes it may contain personal data)
  • As Windows 10 is currently in Pre-beta (Developer Preview), hence we recommend you not to install this on your work machine, as the OS may sometime show to unexpected failures/errors.

How to Install Windows 10 Developer Preview

Here is the step-by-step guide to install windows 10 developer preview

Check Windows 10 System requirement

Before going to Install Windows 10 Developer Preview you need to check if your system can support Windows 10 or not. Read Windows 10 System Requirements to get an idea if our system is compatible or not.

Get started

Join Windows Insider Program by visiting this page , you need to have a Microsoft account for this. If you don’t have a Microsoft you can instantly create one.

Download the installation file

You can download it from Windows insider page (you can also get it from Windows 10 ISO Direct download link ). Before downloading select the appropriate version (32 bit, 64 bit) and language. Download the file to your computer.

Create bootable disk

Now you need to create a bootable disk from the iso image you downloaded. Burn the ISO in DVD or create a boot-able USB drive by using Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool.

Install Windows 10

How to Install Windows 10 Developer Preview
How to Install Windows 10 Developer Preview

Now it’s time to install windows 10 from the bootable disk you created in previous step. If you have previously installed Windows 7, windows 8 then you are familiar with the procedure. If you are not familiar, boot your system from DVD/USB stick and follow the on-screen instruction.

Do I need a product key?

Although Microsoft provides a product key in Insider page, but you do not need any product key while installing Windows 10. You also do not need any key to activate Windows 10 developer preview.

Fresh install or upgrade?

You can either upgrade your current OS (Windows 7, Windows 8) or do a fresh install. It’s totally up to you and your requirement. Do remember doing a fresh install on work computer will delete all the files in boot drive. Be sure to backup them or perform upgrade (otherwise apply for the computer backup service near Lake Worth FL).

Can I install on Virtual machine or dual-boot with current OS

Yes, you can dual-boot windows 10 developer preview with your current OS (Provided that you install it in a separate drive). You can also install this on a virtual machine.

Finished Windows 10 installation, now what?

After you finish the installation, you are required to sign in by using a Microsoft account. After that you an explore the features of Windows 10. Microsoft will automatically collect information in the background and it will occasionally ask you to provide feedback. Do provide some valuable input so that the world can get a great OS.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article, and this helped you to install windows 10. To appreciate our effort do share this article in social media so that the world can know about it.

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