How to Choose the Right RAM for Your Computer

How to Choose the Right RAM for Your Computer – what you guys in this video we’re taking a look at how to properly buy your PC RAM whether it’s your gaming PC or whether it’s just for a standard computer it doesn’t really matter there’s a lot more to buying Ram than just what it looks like all looking for say for instance ddr4 you can see the information on the box here that is crucial because that’s going to be able to give you good information about what type of RAM is the speed and also the voltage and everything else a serial number all that stuff is very important when you’re marrying it up with the motherboard which we’ll talk about in this article

now the first thing you need to do is obviously buy the right type of RAM which is ddr2 ddr3 D therefore whatever it is that you are buying in this case we are talking about ddr4 it’s white and are wanting to go with the white theme so I went with this Ram this is 3600 mega Hertz speed and this motherboard doesn’t quite go up to thirty six hundred megahertz speed but it didn’t deter me from buying it because I just needed white memory so I took that risk and bought it but you can see here also it’s a teen group it is RGB which is pretty popular today but you should just go by RGB the color and also the type of memory is you want to look at the profile the height for the memory whether it’s gonna actually fit with your cooler and there’s a bunch of other things that you want to look into before actually shelling out a lot of cache for memory okay

so the things you need to look out for is the type of memory is whether it’s ddr4 or ddr3 whatever type you’re looking for then you can look at the profile the shape of it whether it’s gonna fit with your cooler then you need to check the speed of the memory it will tell you on the label there and what type it isn’t a serial number you can also check for compatibility which we’ll go into a little bit more because that’s really important where it’s compatible with your motherboard yes most of them will just slot in and work but you want to make sure that it’s compatible with the motherboard that you’re using so when you go over to the website I’m using this memory for example which is teen group I’ve never used their product before so I just wanted to make sure everything was okay with the motherboard I’m using so I like the look of the memory I like the add RGB I like it was white it does have a lifetime warranty and also supports ASIS or a sync

so you want to make sure that is everything that you need from the memory for your motherboard because it has to be a happy with that motherboard that you’re chosen so looking at the stats here it will give you a breakdown of the latency and a bunch of other information here as well tells you what the heat spreader is and the warranty lifetime as you can see there and a bunch of other bits and pieces on here for the speed it is so this is very 600 and that we need to then do is go over to the motherboard manufacturer and take a look at the motherboard and see what that supports and check out the compatibility list of that motherboard now all motherboards have compatibility lists and it will tell you whether that Ram is compatible with that motherboard and that’s what you need to check because you may run into issues with turning on XMP for that motherboard and it may not be compatible and you may not be able to boot and it will cause a few problems so here we are at the motherboard manufacturers website I’ve chosen the motherboard and you can see supports ddr4 3533 plus overclock so that’s what it supports now this is 3,600 memory so you want to take all this into account when buying your Ram

so there is also some specifications you can look at you can go down to the memory settings here and take a look at the memory and it will tell you what it basically supports it’s got four slots and it’s also got some other information on here so this is what you need to do and read to make sure it’s all compatible with that motherboard there also will be some other information you can check out for that motherboard manufacturer which is the memory supported list and there be one of these lists for every manufacturer ie gigabyte Asus MSI asrock they all have their memory list which that is compatible with and you definitely want to be checking that out before you go ahead and just by buying a ddr4 Ram with six-hundred do you want to make sure that it is on their compatibility list so you don’t run into any issues any sort of non XMP and stuff like that issues so here we are in the motherboard BIOS

so you can see it’s recognized the memory I’ve got it plugged in and it may need to be in certain slots of the motherboard to make it work properly and it will normally tell you that on the compatibility list here you can see it’s detected the RAM here if I go into OC Tweaker and then we can take a look at the load XMP now when I try to load XMP settings on this it crashed it wouldn’t load up it won’t boot to the desktop I just got a black screen and then the BIOS reset itself and basically I had to just go back into the past and try another thing so I tried the frequency settings I tried to do that and it didn’t work I tried to over volt it under volt it and I sort of a bunch a bunch of different things here and it wasn’t having it it weren’t going for those settings at all I tried to punch them all in manually all the timings and everything else and basically hopefully that would work now you can see here XMP 2.0 profile and it actually sees the memory here but for some reason it didn’t like it so what do you do when you get that problem well you’re gonna have to look at the biases to see if there’s a BIOS update and you also need to take a look at the memory compatibility list

so let me show you what you want to do before you go ahead and buy memory so you’ll know in future how to purchase memory and make sure you’re doing the right thing and not going to make mistakes so go into google and type in the motherboard RAM support as you can see here as well be for 50 RAM support this could be whatever motherboard you’re using and put Ram support and you should see the memory list here there’s an ass walk memory list sometimes it’s actually on the support page and you can see here this is as rocks memory support list there is a ton of them on here this is all the motherboards they have made in the past and every different socket you can go through here and check out their website and they will have a list of all the motherboards and all the other manufacturer we’ll do the same thing and of course what we’re looking for is the as well be 450 still legend series make sure you get the correct one there is two types there is the still legend series for ATX motherboard and then there’s the micro ATX you need to look at the right one otherwise you’re going to get different compatibility lists on there

so I’m looking here for the AMD considers a bunch of them here so it’s back up here this is where the am4 is and what I need to do here now you can see AMD X 570 I’m looking for the B 450 look for the still legend series here so I’m just gonna go to be 450 still legend there is and there’s two types on here one of them is the B 450 M which is the micro ATX and we’ve also got this bill be 450 still legend which is the one I’m looking at now this is can look a bit daunting but it is straight forward you can see search by vendor and that is the memory manufacturer vendor which basically is what you should be looking for so depending on what company you’re looking for it will be listed here

so this is team IE teen group I should imagine and you need to check the model number and you can also check the chip which is hynek’s that is the chip there and you can see also gives you some other information that dims lots supported are two and four and it also gives you some other information here like the RAM speed so the RAM that I’ve bought is not listed here so they’re not recommending that you buy it for that motherboard and that’s exactly the way you should be buying memory you shouldn’t just go on oh it’s ddr4 3,600 and it’s the color that I like you need to check the compatibility list otherwise you could run into problems now sometimes you can plug it in and it will work but you just want to make sure that there is no compatibility issues here okay so you can see here the model number is on there as well that will be that matching the pair of model numbers on your RAM and you also want to make sure that you’re trying to get a dual channel memory or whatever memory your type trying to by never by say for instance

if you want 16 the bytes of memory just don’t buy one 16 gigabyte stick you want to buy 2 8 gigabyte sticks and get that in dual channel rather than I see a lot of channels that are building budget systems we’ll go out and buy one sticker memory and say oh it’s upgradable to another stick if you want to but don’t do that you better off to do by two four sticks of RAM to make 8 rather than one 8 gig stick another way you can get some information is the CPU – Z this will give you all information about the motherboard it will give you the morphable model number and also some other information there that will be useful to you when you’re checking it also gives you the memory and also the bias information here so let me just quickly check the memory information this is the type of memory it’ll tell you ever it’s ddr4 ddr3 it tells you a bunch of other information like dual channel quad channel whatever channel you’re using also shows you the size of got photo gigabytes in here and it also tells you the timings now this is obviously a different machine this is my main machine which I’m showing you here this is not the one we’ve been talking about I just wanted to show you little program it’s quite useful to get some information about the memory the motherboard and also the BIOS and everything like that so when you’re searching for memory maybe on Amazon you’re doing a little search for memory

so this is how you really want to buy your memory you want to go to say for instance Amazon and you want to search for the memory that you’re looking for whether you’re looking for 16 gigabytes whether you’re looking for a gigabytes you’re looking for white memory the speed of the memory I’ll show you how to do a proper search for that and make sure that it’s compatible don’t just go by it because it looks great you need to check all of those things otherwise you’re going to end up running into problems ok so do a search for your memory you can search by brand

if you want to the manufacturer banned now obviously the manufacturers brand is important because obviously the more common the brand is the more likely it’s going to be compatible with your mother wall because there’s more chance that it is rather than some Chinese brand you can see here you can check by price you can through minimum maximum you can search by ddr type ddr4 ddr2 ddr3 you can check the RAM sticks here the number of RAM sticks you can check the amount of quantity or capacity see that you’re looking for and if you put one stick in here which you shouldn’t do that’s when you’re going to see cheap deals for one sticker memory you’re gonna end up not running in dual-channel it’s gonna be single channel mode and it’s not worth doing it you’re better off to buy dual channel memory if you’re gonna do that okay

so let’s go back and take a look at some memory here it’s all going to break this down and take a look here we do have some V – color prism memory here which is an unknown brand it’s probably some sort of a unbranded company and also you’ve got Corsair Vengeance you got hyper X fury there and the V color stuff might look nice it might be what you’re after but you might run into some compatibility issues because they’re very unlikely to there list that type of RAM on that motherboard so let’s go and check so you can go here and you can see there is no V color on there so that’s what you’ve got to do you got to make sure now if we looked at hyper X you can see there’s a bunch of them on here why is that because hyper X are a big brand company and they tend to work with the bigger brand companies they tend to give you more support for the known brand types rather than say for instance an unknown brand type then it doesn’t mean that these motherboard manufacturers won’t support these types of brands it just means you’ve got more chance of getting a compatibility list support for say Corsair or hyper X or a data and all that sort of stuff okay so just make sure that you check that before you start going ahead and buying it it might be cheap but it might be cheap for a reason because you might have trouble with some compatibility down the line now what you can do is go to the motherboard manufacturers website and take a look at the biases there because sometimes every time they release a buy especially on new motherboards they are updating the support for hardware ie Ram CPUs and stuff like that so you might want to flash the BIOS to the latest version

if you are having trouble with a particular type of RAM and you may find it will then suddenly be recognized and you might be able to get XMP working or you might be able to put those timings in and it might accept it so here we are back at CPU Z you can go and check them a bald bias and it will also tell the motherboard manufacturer and the version that you’re using and you can compare that to their website and see whether there’s an update available and how far back the update is now normally when they release these new boards they’re pretty outdated and there’s normally sometimes as many as six or eight different viruses ready available now

once you’ve flashed it which I did I flashed it and I loaded the XMP settings here and they basically won’t boot before I just got a black screen and when I did this and clicked accept and push f10 I managed to get the system to boot now remember the RAM speed that I bought was thirty six hundred megahertz this board said it only supports up to three thousand five hundred and thirty three megahertz plus an overclock so I’ve just got a little overclock on there and it does accept it on XMP now after I flash the BIOS

so if you don’t want to go for all that pallava you just want to make sure that you buy Ram that is on the compatibility list and don’t take chances if you want to get a trouble-free PC building just make sure you check and try to stick to more known brand types if you want to and that way you’re probably going to end up with trouble-free computing and have no problems anyway I hope this one helps you out there’s more to choosing a PC RAM or memory than you actually probably full you have to make sure that everything is compatible and everything is working with that motherboard so you have to buy a motherboard and RAM in harmony really make sure if things is okay and you should be pretty much good to go also check the slots that they want you to put it in and you should be golden anyway my name is Ben bright from bright at computers doc hodor okay thanks again for watching bye for now

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